Close-up of mother holding child's hand
Close-up of mother holding child's hand

What is your role in your child’s journey to becoming an innovator?

Technology is developing at a dazzling pace and the job market is changing alongside it, yet the formal education system is barely crawling behind, and the gap is getting bigger every day. With a strong focus on standardized test results and a never-ending pile of homework, there is too much emphasis on getting the right answers and not enough emphasis on asking thoughtful questions and using their creativity. This creates a situation where developing an innovative mind within the limits of the formal education system becomes almost impossible

At this rate, today’s children will graduate into a world that is very different from what they prepared for. The world needs innovators, and our children need to survive the technological transformation of the future, yet every passing day they are being more discouraged from being innovative and taking risks – so how will they become the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs? How will they survive in a world where innovation is more than “nice to have” – it is a necessity?

Raising the innovators of the future

Parents all over the world have already acknowledged this problem and took their children’s education into their own hands, in order to prepare them for a future where the best way to survive economically is by becoming innovators. 

Almost every innovator in history – Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, even Leonardo De Vinci – had parents, or some sort of parental figure, who encouraged them to think differently, nurtured their creativity and logic skills, and invested time in developing their talents. 

As parents of future innovators, we have to take responsibility now for our children’s education and skill-building, to help them focus and accelerate their progress. In order to raise a generation of innovators, we need to evolve into a new kind of parents – the kind of parents who realize their kids’ potential and actually do something about it, not waiting for the school system to improve (by then, it would be too late). 

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