About Stages

Building the young generation for the future

Stages is an education center with a strong Research & Development department for the development of the next generation highly talented, innovative and empathic smart techies, artists, economists, and scientists.

The goal of Stages is to establish a construction team that will work in cooperation with the local authorities in every city, collaborating with authorities such as government ministries, city halls, equity holders and academies. The working code is to focus on one large city first before moving to the national level, since a city has sufficient resources and independent state management from the state, with wealthy and influential individuals.

The Stages program is growing globally and includes offline and online institutes, distributed in the most dominant cities around the world, based on Opher Brayer’s Multi-Talent Disciplinary Model and its relation to the world of accelerated technology innovations.

How it started

As the technological world moves towards artificial intelligence (AI), with activities such as driving, sales, finances, consumerism and so on, being re-routed towards robotics, there is an integral place for moral thinking in the Z Gen. This AI genesis will replace many existing jobs and will create economic, personal, and moral problems that only a generation of highly talented, sensitive and empathic technology-oriented children can handle.

This is where the Stages program comes in as it combines the toolbox of necessary technology skills with essential empathic tools for children using a futuristic approach. Although the program includes artistic and demanding scientific content, the work environment is creative, cool, supportive and fun.