The Stages Method

What's the Stages Method?

The method, developed by Opher Brayer, utilizes systemic thinking and imaginative mathematics, which are proven to accelerate the child’s self-development. These newfound abilities will enable students to apply a set of techniques to every area of their life and maximize their success and talent in today’s and future universal job market demands.

Using Polymath thinking, pattern analysis and creativity in real time, we develop students’ multiple abilities using a developmental tool that enables a quick and easy transition from one field to another, incorporated with their after-school activities, to teach them this extraordinary skill of developing any talent with strong research & development skills.

How it started

The program was founded for a very clear purpose: to develop multi-talented students and adults and provide a solution to the growing need for exceptional innovation talents in business, sciences, and multiple industries.

Hence, it is urgently necessary to remodel the formal education system by adding unconventional learning methods that will expedite the development of creativity, innovation, talent, fast learning, and absorption of knowledge.

The innovation System is based on hundreds of methodologies and over 40 years of experience in developing talents. Its goal is to teach students a given set of skills to develop their unique talents as next-generation innovators in any given field, as well as techniques to combine those talents for inter-disciplinary projects. The Talent and Innovation System develops methodologies, services, and products which allow different groups to develop multifaceted talents through an accelerated process.