The Talent Model


We are in an era where robots are already replacing human work forces at an incredibly rapid pace. ATMs, Robochefs, Chatbots… and that’s just to begin with.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is great at technical work, it cannot take the place of human creativity and talent. That is exactly why we have to develop highly efficient and multi-talented students with quick absorption, based on a profound system.

Using mathematics, pattern analysis and creativity in real time, we develop students’ multiple abilities using a developmental tool that enables quick and easy transition from one field to another, incorporated with their after-school activities, to teach them this extraordinary skill of developing any talent.

About The Talent System

The program was founded for a very clear purpose: to develop multi-talented students and adults and provide a solution to the growing need for exceptional talent in business and industry. According to a nationwide survey of over 1,000 HR managers and recruiters, 86% reported they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent and 75% think the time-to-fill for roles has increased in the past three years. 

Hence, it is urgently necessary to remodel the formal education system by adding unconventional learning methods that will expedite the development of creativity, talent, fast learning, and absorption of knowledge.

The Talent System is based on hundreds of methodologies and over 30 years of experience in developing talents. Its goal is to teach students a given set of skills to develop their talent in any given field, as well as techniques to combine those talents for inter-disciplinary projects. The Talent System develops methodologies, services and products which allow different groups to develop multifaceted talents through an accelerated process.

The system, developed by Opher Brayer, utilizes systemic thinking and mathematics, which are proven to accelerate the child’s self-development. These newfound abilities will enable students to apply a set of techniques to every area of their life and maximize their success and talent in today’s universal job market demands.

Our definition of Talent

There are a few ways to define “talent”. It can be a natural aptitude or skill, which is often athletic, creative or artistic; a natural endowment of a person; a special ability that allows someone to do something well; and a general intelligence or mental power.

Like the multifaceted definition of the word talent, there are many theories of where talent is derived from.

For us, talent contains two major personal qualities: they are a fast learner, and highly creative.

This is inarguably important in an age where computers are quicker thinkers and doers than humans, even more than their own creators.

The Four Components Of Talent

1. Pattern recognition: The ability to recognize emotional, intellectual, or physical patterns and how they are built and connected.


2. Pattern design: The ability to detect different pattern elements and re-design them in a systematic order to generate a product, service, or behavior. This is the creative element of talent.


3. Analogy: Techniques that help people make the connection between one experience in their lives and another. Analogy is an essential fundamental for developing intelligence, and these techniques can grow and determine your ability to learn and analyze new experiences. This is the intuitive element of talent.


4. Real time composition (RTC): This involves a fusion of recognized and designed patterns, and finding the common denominator. This practice is critical to fulfill 100% of your skills and talents in any situation. This is the systemic element of talent.

The Four Components Of Talent

Based on Opher’s 186 methodologies for multi-talent development, he composed 14,400 micro-educational games. Our vision offers a much-needed change to the world’s approach to education. Technology is taking over everything and generating multi-talented people will enable us to survive the creative demands of the rapidly expanding and transform the technological world.

For extra information about the talent system, go ahead and watch this video:

The Teachers' Program

The program allows a student to fulfill their potential and extent of their abilities to every aspect of their life.

The teachers are taught to teach and guide students to apply their talents to all areas of their life. Kids love to play and learn. When you synergize these two elements, you create the right conducive environment and build the fundamentals for your student’s future success. The talent methodology is based on playing and learning. We aim to create productive, creative and innovative generation with this synergy.