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In our current era robots are already replacing human work forces at an incredibly rapid pace. Think: ATMs, Robochefs, Chatbots…and that’s just a start.
However, while Artificial Intelligence (AI) is great at technical work, it cannot take the place of human creativity and talent. That is exactly why we need a profound system to develop highly efficient and multi-talented students who learn quickly.
Using mathematics, pattern analysis, and real-time creativity, we employ a developmental tool that enables quick and easy transition from one field to another, which, when incorporated with their after-school activities, teaches students the extraordinary ability to develop any talent.

About the Talent System by Stages

The program was founded for a very clear purpose: to develop multi-talented students and adults in order to provide a solution to the growing need for exceptional talent in business and industry. In a nationwide survey of over 1,000 HR managers and recruiters, 86% of respondents claimed they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent, and 75% think the time-to-fill for roles has increased in the past three years.

Hence, it is urgently necessary to remodel the formal education system by adding unconventional learning methods that will expedite the development of creativity, talent, fast learning, and knowledge absorption.

The Talent System is based on hundreds of methodologies and over 30 years of experience in developing talents. Its goal is to teach students a given set of skills with which they can develop their talent in any given field. Additionally, it aids in the development of techniques to combine those talents for inter-disciplinary projects. The Talent System provides services and products that allow different groups to develop multifaceted talents through an accelerated process.
The system, developed by Opher Brayer, utilizes systemic thinking and mathematics, which are proven to accelerate children’s self-development. These newfound abilities will enable students to apply a set of techniques to every area of their life and maximize their success and talent within the universal demands of today’s job market.

The System

Based on Opher’s 186 methodologies for multi-talent development, which includes 14,400 micro-educational games, our vision offers a much-needed change to the world’s approach to education. Technology is taking over everything, and generating multi-talented people will enable us to survive the creative demands of this rapid expansion and transform the technological world.

The Teachers’ Program

The teachers’ certification program is designed to train teachers by using one 5-7 minute lessons per day.
The overall training and teaching program lasts for six years.
Every year the teachers go through a certification program for the next level.
As the training progresses, some teachers will become trainers for future teachers in order to eventually spread the methodology all over the Czech Republic.

Program Content (for each year):

  • 7 days of live training every year
  • Monthly one-day seminar
  • Weekly follow-up training via webinars and lectures with Q&A sessions
  • Teachers’ guides
  • Books and workbooks for children
  • Video lectures
  • Subscription-based Content Site
  • Blog
  • Online forum
  • Weekly updates and training materials by email
  • Supervision of teachers in schools
  • Personal supervision for each teacher

Would you help the children of tomorrow?

This year (2017-2018), we have started our program in the Usti Nad Labem region as well as at schools in Prague and Mnichovo hradiště in order to give the children and parents in these areas hope and the opportunity for growth.
With the help and devoted collaboration of UJEP and ICUK (the local University and the innovation Center) we have managed the following:

We have already trained 26 teachers.
Five hundred children have already started their DAILY studies with extraordinary results.
We are launching the program in 8 schools, mostly in the Usti Nad Labem area and other areas in the Czech Republic.
We have invested in teacher training and have supplied all of the materials for their success.
Teachers are getting 1-year of FREE training and support.

We need your collaboration to support our NGO for teaching scholarships, equipment, and qualification procedures.

Adopt a class and a teacher

For 5000 per year, you can adopt a class of up to 25 students.

The class will receive the following:

  • A trained teacher
  • Teaching materials
  • Special pack of instruments for practicing
  • Special pack of toys for the program
  • Special suits for training
  • Special instruments for group training
  • Scholarship for the teacher
  • Payment for the teacher to train other teachers
  • General costs of management

More ideas for collaborating with companies

  • A one-day visit to the Stages class in the company
  • Employees from companies to volunteer in the Stages classes (the mentors can be trained by Stages with our unique methodologies)
  • Create a support community for Stages NGO.
  • Connect to other local and international companies for mutual collaboration.
  • Collaborate with different companies’ PR departments to tell the story about our mutual work and the relationship between the companies and the kids.
  • Summer activities, short camps, or workshops for employees’ kids with Stages teachers.
  • Parents “Coach Your Child” workshops for employees.
  • Support Stages yearly festival for all Stages participants.