The Global STAGES Homeschooling Initiative

STAGES, developed by Opher Brayer, is an initiative which utilizes systemic thinking and mathematics, which are proven to accelerate the child’s self-development, to develop fast-learning, multi-talented and highly compassionate children. 

In a fast exponential change of the world around us, with high speed of innovations and competitive robotics and AI we need human with higher capacity, we need people who are X10 in pace of learning and X10 innovators.

These newfound abilities we teach children allows them to apply a set of techniques to every area of their life and maximize their success and talent in today’s universal job market demands.

What is STAGES Homeschooling?

STAGES Homeschooling is an unique and original One-week training seminar for parents based on smart accelerated learning process that trains your child to grow at the speed of change ,developed by Opher Brayer.

In the STAGES homeschooling seminar we will practice the following skills:

  • Reach more information
  • Ability to research fast and in productive way
  • Skills to develop products and services
  • Inducing one’s pace of self-development
  • Become an extra-ordinary innovator
  • Have ability to solve complex problems
  • Being able to implement one unique talent to multiple fields
  • Develop “Natural” mathematical brain
  • Develop the main areas of thinking to enable accelerated learning of computer sciences, higher technological orientation, deeper understanding of sciences and economics

How does it work?

The system contains 14,400 mini fun and engaging games which you and your child can play as many of them as you want on a daily basis, and will be able to measure micro and macro results daily, weekly, and monthly.

Details And Requirements

Organised group of parents (up to 36 participants)

Age: kids from 6 to 14 years old

7-day plan: from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

“Train the Trainer” System: Parents will be trained based on their own abilities, then study how to train their own kids.

The Plan Includes

1. An assigned Facebook page for Q&A with the master trainer

2. A website with hundreds of lesson plans and growing, that enables every parent to individualize the learning based on the child unique abilities.

3. Monthly call with the master trainer in a webinar manner.

4. 2 additional weekends of training practice and strengthening during the year.


If you’re interested in the program, please contact us below.