Is your child ready for the future?

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"Mom, the teacher says I'm gifted!"

Imagine the opportunities that would open up for them in life if you were to hear these words – more educational opportunities, more job opportunities, more opportunities for a richer, happier, more fulfilling life.



You may think that being “gifted” is something a child is born with or not, but the truth is that the talents that make a child gifted, are learnable as the “ABCs”.

My name is Opher Brayer and I’ve spent 40 years doing just that – teaching children the simple, learnable skills that underlie what we call “talent” and being “gifted”

Will your child be ready for the future?

Every job which calls for simple rational decision-making and which has no need for talent will soon be replaced by technological systems, like the ATM has replaced the bank teller. In the near future, hundreds of millions of professionals will join the unemployment ranks. The competition is changing – it is no longer man versus man, but rather, man versus machine.

The change is so fast, that it is crucial to allow every person to acquire an arsenal of skills and talents in different fields and to assure lifelong employment. The basic level of knowledge of a young person, even with degrees, is not sufficient in today’s competitive and challenging world.

At the same time, there is a new successful generation out there. Some of them reside in places like Silicon Valley. They are masters in math, philosophy, computer sciences, and they have an all-new business orientation that we haven’t met until now. They are the great entrepreneurs who are changing the world we live in.

What parents think about stages

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Here are the roots of what we call talent, being gifted, even being intelligent:

If one looks at “geniuses” throughout history, one so often finds that they have had some kind of training in pattern recognition and duplication. Today, our limited, learn-by-rote education and all the time spent on phones and online are robbing children of this experience. However…

Your child can be taught to accomplish all this in less than 70 games of 7 minutes each of our brain development acceleration program: The Stages Academy.

Your investment to get your child started on this program immediately is only $199/year.

I think you will agree that is a very small price to pay to give your child the kind of advantage that can light a fire under their success in school, in the workplace, and in life.

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The Stages Academy program is a complete 21-hour training in better thinking and creativity for your child. It contains everything both you and your child need to get the most out of the training, including:

About Opher Brayer

Since 1984, Opher has been researching, constructing, and applying dozens of unique methodologies, which have demonstrated that people can develop the innovators’ mind, contrary to the popular belief that talent is “natural” and “inborn”. Combining his passions for education and music, Opher raised an impressive number of local and international world-class professional musicians using his multi-talent development method.

In 2017 Opher initiated The Stages Academy program which introduced more than 2,000 children from various socio-economic groups in the Czech Republic to the process of acquiring multi-disciplinary talent as well as the Innovators mind, training the new generation for the challenges of the future. The Stages Academy program has phenomenal success as for the extraordinary results with the children and the teachers and gained high recognition from governments and the European Commission.

What teachers say about stages

Teaches to see and connect patterns through math, movement, music and martial arts. A new world.

- Stan Tabor

Can help thousands, if not millions of children to create a better future.

- Denny Strecker

Awakens and opens to endless possibilities. By thinking in mathematical sequences, anything can be created.

- Ron Rusoe

It's exciting to implement the games. Math is everywhere, we just weren't looking for it.

- Tammy Barkley

We are far more capable than we realize and Stages is a fun way to experience it. I plan to implement with my family, my students, and myself to help make our lives better.

- Raymond Ahles

Simple and easy.

- Forest West