Smart Human, Good Human

Stages is an R&D and education project for highly talented social contributors and smart techies of the next generation.

About Stages

The goal of Stages is to establish a construction team that will work in cooperation with the local authorities, such as government ministries, city halls, equity holders and academies.

Stages program comes in as it combines the toolbox of necessary technology skills with essential empathic tools for children using futuristic approach. Although the program includes artistic and demanding scientific content, the work environment is creative, cool, supportive and fun.

The System

Enhancement of STEM

A development of a scientific approach – Acquiring knowledge paired with learning and implementing research thinking abilities.

Development of technological abilities

Learn fast and effective control of programming languages, ​to the point where the child could easily acquire any program language.

Multi talent abilities

A developmental tool that enables quick and easy transition from one field to another.

Good human model

Develop empathy and helping others through long-term volunteering and systematic contributing to the community and maintaining the law.

Next level entrepreneurship

Study entrepreneurship and commercial attitude in the technology of today and the future, as it is an inseparable part of the survival essentials for the future market.

Where we work

The Stages program will be global, off and online institutes, distributed in the most dominant cities around the world.

Who we are

Stages is an R&D and education center for the development of the next generation highly talented and empathic smart techies.

Target Audience

For the Stages Program, we have two main target audiences:

  • Children from 2nd through 12th grades - The program will be implemented as part of the school curriculum and after-school activities.
  • Young adults entering college to 25 years old - a special dedicated academy will be opened in cooperation with a large local technology company that will grant internships to develop advanced, specific levels of the program.

Teachers Seminar In Usti Nad Labem

In Summer 2017, the 1st and 2nd Stages Seminar for teachers had happened in the town Usti Nad Labem. The Talent System, created by Opher Brayer Founder of Stages, had been taught by Opher to 40 teachers, and is being implemented in schools around Usti in the years 2017 and 2018.

Our Latest Posts

Asia Leadership Conference 2018

Opher Brayer is participating in the Asia Leadership Conference 2018, presenting Stages project to the Korean and International audience.
We would like to thank Mr. Derik Kim CEO & Chairman of Global Entrepreneurs Foundation (GEF) and Mr. Hyunwoo Lee from ELYSE CONSULTING KOREA for giving us this great opportunity.

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